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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 29, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and first details about the fire that broke out here. sky 7 hd was above it. the flames were chewing through hillside. it burned around 3:30 in the afternoon. this is quite a speck cell for commuters in the bay view. wind spread this owe to about an acre, one homeowner suspects it might be the result of homeless people in an encampment who sometimes use drugs behind his house. >> i was in the back room watching television. my neighbor came and rang my doorbell. i did smell smoke. i thought they were barbecuing. the wife told me to get out of the house as soon as possible its a single alarm. two structures were threatened
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and there is first alarm here right now. >> to fight the fire, the firefighters kicked through the front door of the house to get hoses through, which is common practice. they got inside, and police say they found two marijuana grow rooms. there are no signs indicating this is a legal grow. there is wiring, lighting and an air filtration system according to police officers. as i said before, coming live, police are still inside about to bring out marijuana plants and they're trying to contact the owner or residents at this point to find out whether this was a legal grow. and someone is going to come home tonight to a very sig surprise. >> thank you. >> temperatures are -- firefighters are mopping up after a brush fire in san jose in coyote park and
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went to two alarms, flames came within 40 feet of nearby homes, sky 7 was overhead and hot spots were being doused. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> a long time fairfield pastor is behind bars tonight. and is accused of molesting at least six people during two decades as the head of a church a cording to police this pastor would tell young victims he was helping them, guiding them into adulthood by teaching them about sex and their bodies. investigators told me what's happening is that years long series of criminal acts. police say pastor rourk molested at least six victims during his tenure as head of
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st. tim mothy church. >> there are some photographs taken around 12, 13 years of age. >> he was arrested thursday night. he is shown here in photos from the web site, police say he was suspended by church officials over the weekend after a youth director reported complaints about behavior and abuse that dates back to 1994. >> he used his position here to make contact with the kids and convince them these things were normal and in the course of his duties. >> police say victims are all now adults including three males and three feem yailz. investigators believe the abuse occurred mostly inside of the church but also in his home n a statement to abc 7 news st. tim mothy deacon said,
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quote, we're aware of the situation and it's a very difficult situation and we're doing our best to work through it. rourk is married with children and grandchildren in the area. and before becoming a pastor police say he investigated welfare fraud. detectives believe there may be more victim autos we believe there are probably more out there. he's been in contact with a lot of youth over 16 years. and there is reason to believe this wasn't restricted to just people we've identified so far. >> police say rourk may have been able to hide his behavior because he had a background in investigations not only with the county welfare department but with the military. and now he will be arraigned on monday in multimel counts of bat skpri child molestation. >> suspended sheriff ross
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mirkarimi took the stand in his official misconduct hearing. and vic lee laz been following the testimony and joins us live with the latest. vic? >> the substance of the testimony was expected. the only surprise was a false bomb scare, closing the hearing about an hour, both mirkarimi and mayor ed lee answered questions and weighed questions carefully. the deputy city attorney continued pounding mirkarimi with questions about responses to reporters following a new year's eve argument with his wife which left her with a bruise on her arm, mirkarimi replied it was a private family matter. >> i believe i did say. >> should the sheriff be referring to a violent incident that is under investigation between a man and his wife as a private
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family matter? >> no. >> the mayor accused mirkarimi of trying to disswayed witnesses in this case. one charge in the official hearing. and under cross examination his lawyer tried to put that charge to rest. >> at any time did you disswayed anyone from law enforcement investigations? >> never. >> at any time did you ever ask anyone to destroy snefdz. >> never. >> thank you. >> the mayor took the stand in the afternoon but it was brief. the commission president announced the hearing was adjourned until further notice with no explanation. >> i've been instruct wed need to adjourn proceedings for now. and this mayor was rushed out of the room and the crowd wondered y turned out to be a false bomb scare. the mayor got back on the stand and asked if he believed in the power of redemption and would he give mirkarimi a
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second chance. he summed up the answer this way. >> i came to the conclusion of official misconduct because i believe that the actions admitted to and crime perpetrated has to have direct consequence autos the police chief of san diego, mayor ed lee's witness testify fd he were mirkarimi he would resign that, mirkarimi would have a hard time working with other law enforcement officials because of his record. and this hearing has been adjourned until july. paula canny, lopez's attorney said her client will testify in person or on video. >> thank you. >> and at least 65 people remain homeless after first being driven from their home by a fire and then being kept out by a broken gas main. the fire broke out around
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10:00 this morning. the fire department believes it started in a light well on a building lower floor and there is one woman treated for smoke inhalation. the red cross is assisting people displaced by the fire. >> there is a fund-raiser will be held for those who lost their homes in the fire in the mission district. there are 37 people displaced. a fund-raiser will be held at sunday streets event in the mission from 3:00 until 6:00. donations can be brought to the kas nova lounge. >> there is a combination of fear and anger in one richmond neighborhood after a owe-year-old was shot in the street. it happened yesterday at the corner of maine avenue and south 15th street. and we're live at oakland
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children's hospital. sergio? >> yes. that child remains here at the hospital and his mother talked with me on the phone this afternoon and tells me that he's doing better today but doctors tell her that road to recovery is going to be long and neighbors tell us they're concerned and don't want anymore children there to be injured at the hands of gunman in the streets. >> this man is worried for the safety of his son, his daughter and his wife. they were all in the front sidewalk of his house along with his wife's friend and her children, gunfire erupted yesterday. he says his wife saw the whole thing, describing how she through the children to the ground and covered them after seeing a man shooting in their direction. chalk across the street marks where he fired off several rounds at a car she says her
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friend examined the 10-year-old and noticed he was bleeding. police arrived to find a frantic mother with an injured son. >> based on the injury and mother's reaction officers were able to transfer him in the car. weigh was life flighted out he was rushed here to critical condition's hospital in critical condition. his mother told me he is doing better but his doctors are concerned because of damage caused by the bullet as it entered his back. nain neighbors say this is a generally quiet neighborhood and the boy and family are well known and liked. yvonne coleman runs a neighborhood lunch program. >> i said don't forget to come back at snack at 3:00. he was like okay. as soon as i went i would say like maybe... 25 minutes later, that is when everything happened. >> there are residents saying
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they want the street violence to stop. >> this neighborhood is pretty quiet, you know? but for some reason, i feel like this is a battlefield, here. >> and neighbors tell me they want the city to install cameras on street corners because there is a series of gun shoot outs there. police are still looking for the gunmen and the car he was shooting at. it's only described as a ford fusion, a black ford fusion with a busted rear window. and as for the ongoing investigation there is a $10,000 reward for any information that could lead to an arrest and conviction. if you would like to contact richmond police with that information we have it at our web site abc 7 and you can go there and find numbers for the homicide division of the police. in oakland abc 7 news.
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>> thank you. >> and just ahead here tonight there is a san francisco man taking the stand in his own defense, what he said about the roman catholic priest he says molested him. >> a tenant banned from plugging in his car, so charge up is a big challenge. i'm michael finney. ahead i'll show you how he deals with it. >> and i'm sandhya patel. there is a deepening marine layer meaning damp roadways this weekend. i'll have details coming up. >> if you've dreamed of owning a restaurant now is the chance. how you can do it now for two
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a man fran man took the stand in his own defense, admitting he beaten a priest that molested him. >> right. the prosecution calls seven witnesses and this emotionally charged assault trial. the defense after a number of rulings gutted its strategy, called just one witness. the defendant himself. when will lynch took the stand the first thing he told the jury he did strike father jerry lindner. he then broke down, often sobbing, describing in graphic detail how father lindner raped him and his brother as children and how those acts affected his entire life. >> you can just look at mr. lynch and see that there is true emotion in his face.
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>> lynch testified his only intention was to get him to sign a piece of paper admitting to the molestation. lynch said he'd negotiate that had and more in an earlier civil settlement but never got what was promised. >> mr. lynch was very clear on the desire to stop father jerry's access torj children. on his deep desire to bring him to justice. >> prosecutors are trying to portray lynch as a man intent on reverge and on the day of the assault wanted more than anything just to hurt father lindner. >> the judge made it clear now that this issue is not molestation but whether or not the defendant is guilty of an assault. >> lynch faces two charges. late today there is another failed defense effort to get father lindner to testify on the record. at least three people who were ready to tell the jury they were also molested by the former priest say regardless
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of the outcome, the trial has given lynch and other victims a voice. >> to me, will is a hero. we should ab plauding his willingness to stand up. and bring this to the for front again and again. >> and both sides are expected to give closing arguments monday, after jury instructions dlin braigss will begin. >> are family members of a dodger's fan who disappeared after the game are launching a search to find him. he was last seen at the parking lot on pier 32 about locke monday night. a friend with him fears that he may have fallen into the bay. and tonight his family went back to the pier to coordinate a search for the 27-year-old. his best friend, the last to see him alive is leaving the -- leading the effort.
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>> "took my eyes off him 30 seconds and i looked up. he was gone. >> i'm hoping he is still alive. >> and this family will start the search at 8:30 and the coast guard suspended their search three days ago every year, hundreds of pets are spooked by 4th of july fire works. the humane society says more dogs disappear on the 4th than any other day of the year. a huge number are just terrified of the explosions and noise can make them feel like they're under attack. >> they get so frightened they dig out under the fence, break the fence, jump through glass. they do anything to get away from fire works fan. >> officers say 75% of the dogs and 97% of cats are never reunited with families. keep your pet safe on the 4th make sure you keep them inside
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of the house. stay with them if you can. put an id tag on them. if you find a lost animal, take it to your local shelter right away. they say you know if you're going to the shelter and find your animal isn't there, check back. it may take a couple day autos poor things just don't understand what 4th of july is about and the noise. >> and if you like it cool we're going to have a couple more days. >> today was cooler. and thanks to what you're looking at it's marine layer. and it's stronger sea breeze looking across the bay there. this means tonight we're going to see areas beginning to turn gray and tomorrow morning we'll start out with some drizzle along the coastline. there is live doppler 7 hd. there is some low clouds along the coastline never quite clear at the coast.
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and and all of this will head inland and that is going to bring about drizzle. temperatures now 59 in half moon bay. 77 degrees and today's high temperatures upper 50s to low 80s running cooler than average three to 10 degrees. low clouds inland tonight. and there is going to be warmer sunday and not a heat wave. and here is the trough. it's deepening our marine layer. and the deeper it gets... the better chance that it's going to get over the hills. oakland hills and into valleys. it's about 1800 -- 1600 feet deep now expected to deepen more. so first thing in the morning you'll notice the fog and low clouds will invade the inland valleys and into the morning we'll see drizzle developing. it will be a great start for saturday morning. there are temperatures on the cloud cover and fog into 50s, comfortable weather.
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if you're heading out of the door if the northern morning and have plans count on drizzle. fog and low clouds peel back to the coastline. there is a summer time pattern, then stay there. temperatures into 60s into afternoon. 80s inland where you'll see sunshine. and there is a nice-looking day saturday. 79 in napa up to 83 in clover dale. there is mildest readings in fairfield and antioch. 71 oakland. san francisco, half moon bay into 60s. fremont, 74 degrees, san jose, 77 into afternoon. around the monterey bay, a little bit cooler than thunderstorm. but still going to be pleasant. 67 in monterey. 72 for new salinas, here is the accu-weather forecast. starting out with morning drizzle near the coast. afternoon, looking for low 60s to low 80s, slight upward trend sunday. and it's warmer by monday and tuesday. and we're going to get you upper 80s to low 90s inland
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about where you should be. that 4th of july forecast a little bit cooler still nice grilling weather and i know you're going to ask me this. 4th of july fire works it's so far out there. but now, indications are that we'll have patchy fog, patchy, patchy, is it's a good thing. >> thank you very much. >> and we're just days from the ban on foie gras.
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if you like foie gras, tomorrow is the final day you can buy knit california. >> the law as a result of investigations by the i team into how ducks are force fed for foies gras. >> the impending crack down and reaction to it. >> this is a busy kitchen in san francisco. since the restaurant's last pound of foie gras. customers have nearly cleaned them out trying to get a taste of the dish before it's outlawed in california july 1. french for fatty liver, it is
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made by force-feeding ducks or geese to make livers grow bigger as seen in this video obtained by the i team. and this is drawing anger from animal rights activists. but support for the law banning this dish is far from unanimous. the chef is running a get it while you can promotion. >> we're feeding the frenzy offering a $5 foie gras on anything. >> this is perhaps too popular. >> where is the rest of the foie gras? >> and there is possible someone may have warned you but if you want to see it made with foie gras now is the chance. the owner is holding the last of the foie gras into this french style sausage. >> people are going nuts. they can't get enough of it. >> biggest regret is the family narm sold him the meat
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is shutting down. a farm he says treats animals humanely. >> the ducks are taken care of and in amazing qai r ways compared to other mass-produced products he hopes to sell the sausages into weekend farmer markets because after that, he can't sell them at all. if there is any leftover. >> just ahead, fact or fiction. politicians to the toast see if comments hold up to the true test. >> good news for students hoping to keep those balloon payments low. >> from schools to state parks a line item veto. what is in and out on the ne ñ!ús
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a lot of things are changing in california this weekend starting sunday we'll see this series of budget cuts impacting children, college students and state workers. many parks have been spared. here is abc 7 news nannette
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miranda. just in time for 4th of july holiday visitors can enjoy a mansion and stop by the governor's pangs, part of a list of 70 parks slated to close because of cuts. now, only one providence mountains in san bernardino county remains doomed despite a $31 million veto by governor brown, most will stay open at least a few more weeks thanks to private don yaig autos this kind of a reprieve. it's incumbent on us to figure out solutions to save these treasures. >> there is no one coming to the rescues of the poor children and college students. the governor reduced the number of slots for mothers in the welfare to work program known as cal works by 14,000. and cal grants will be smaller. >> they're picking on the week,
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i believe. >> the new budget is a triple whammy for this cal works recipient. this cuts wael fair from four years to two years, now putting child care at risk. as soon as grades were up she wanted to apply fr a grant. >> what we need is our resources. it's being taken from us. it's difficult f you're cutting us off at knees how can we walk? >> the governor slashed another $200 million from the budget putting that money in reserves to boost it for emergencies. the $92 million may not be enough. >> if we have a bad fire season we hope we don't, it's a cost of fighting fires that strip that's budget we go to preserves to cover costs. >> the nine item veetors upset lawmakers feeling the money could be better used instead of letting it sit in a bank
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account. >> there are americans sharply divided over the 2010 health care law. supporters rallied in front of city hall in san francisco today. state senator mark leno urged california to go ahead and implement that law. in a poll, 46% agreed with the decision, 46% disagree. >> mitt romney had things to say about yesterday's supreme court decision on health care. >> and there are both men stretching the truth a bit. >> you're going to hear about these claims about the law in this election season. and you probably heard some before. let's start with the president. if you're one of the more than 250 million americans who have health insurance, you'll keep your health insurance. and this will only make it
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more affordable. >> fact check? most have their plans through their work. and companies will be free to switch plans and they can drop coverage, but they'd have to pay a $2,000 per employee tax for doing that. let's take a look at what mitt romney said. >> obama care raises taxes on the american people by approximately $500 billion. oak yauma care cuts medicare by $500 billion. >> in taxes romney left out the fact that most of the money will be coming from people making more than $200,000 a year. and there is a large majority that will not see a direct tax increase. on cuts to medicare, law doesn't cut the current budget by $500 billion but reduces growth of medicare by $500
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billion over 10 years so spending will increase... just not as much. >> this adds trillions to our deficits. >> that is not accurate. nonpartisan budget office estimates the law will reduce the deficit by to $10 billion over 10 years. and there is romney's plan doesn't stand up. neither does the claim 13 million americans are going to get a rebate. and there is a complete analysis, both claims and those of mitt romney and you can find them by going to abc 7 >> and that is very interesting. >> it is and complex. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and there is a show of bipartisan support today in washington. republicans and democrats voted to support a bill that
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would help drivers and students that will spend $100 billion on transportation projects over two years. and this will be preventing doubling of rates on student loans scheduled to go into affect sunday. >> there is more to bring you tonight. just ahead... >> there is good food. >> if opening a restaurant is your dream now is your chance. the business giving anyone a shot, two weeks at a time. >> and there is a flash mob and a saf
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for anyone who had a dream of being a chef or opening an restraunt there is a restaurant fulfilling that kind of create activity two weeks at a time. here is the story. >> it's a long day. >> not easy to be a chef. up early, prep time, then customers come, cooking begins welcome to guess chef and entree into restaurant individual walt. >> there is an opportunity to do something they've always wanted to do. >> and two weeks david and his daughter are guest chefs. he's the ceo of a san francisco biotechnology company. they're passionate about cooking. >> my mother was a, is a
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fantastic cookful i learned from her when i was a little boy z then, i went to cooking school two years in my first year into medical school. >> we cook together a lot at home this, is just an extension of that, really. >> i like cooking. maddy started cooking at five. >> instead of watching sesame street she tuned in to martha stewart. they've renamed the restaurant marco polo. it's an asian italian menu. >> we tried to take chinese herbs and spices and blend them into classic italian recipe autos like adding ginger. this is a hit. they've been filling the restaurant twice, nightly. and for hungs this is also about bonding and still, for another chef this led to a job who had been applying. >> he invited the guys to come watch him cook. he had a kitchen, cooked. it's good food. and he got a job out of it it's back to real world after
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this. and david's company is awaiting approval for a new prostate cancer drug. maddy packs for university. but they have memories. >> it's really fun. >> there is a new chef coming in next week. >> what a terrific idea. >> yes. >> for more information go to abc 7 >> and there are some kids using their summer vacation to learn how to eat better to learn about fruits and venl tabls. home work to find, smell, touch and taste pacific food. there is a math lesson. older kids had a $15 budget and had to shop for the food they'll make for lunch on monday. >> a tenant banned from plugging in his electric car. >> so charging up is
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you my recall a report about a bay area man purchasing electric car but his landlord won't let him plug it in. >> yes. michael finney is here tonight to explain how he's managing to charge his car now. >> okay. >> the landlord doesn't have to provide a way to charge the car but good news is that public agencies are building plug in stations around the state. it's not like a gas station. you fill up and go. this takes hours. and hours and hours. and as our consumer found out that could be a test of will. >> hi. kyle g hooft noon. >> richard is doing business in an odd place inside of his car. >> there is his computer, phone and a shirt and tie. he'd rather be in a real office but richard is kind of stuck in this car.
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and waiting for this. >> today i sat two and a half hours and i was able to charge my car about 60%. >> he spends about 12 hours per week like this, sitting in the car doing business, here at the free electric car plug in station and it's not that he loves pretty scenery or salt air, it's just that this is one of the only ways he can charge up his new chevy volt. >> i love the view but to sit and charge four and a half hours is very inconvenient. it could be more convenient if i can do this in which the building in which i live. >> oh, buck he cannot. he was upset his landlord would not let him plug the car into this socket right here in his assigned parking space. the chevy volt only needs an ordinary outlet and richard offered to pay for the extra electricity. the answer came in an e mail.
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trinity management services does not approve requests. period. >> as it stands it's just frustrated. >> richard contacted 7 on your side. we tried to speak with the building owner. and his company housed in this market street building. no one returned our calls. however, in this letter to richard's attorney a lawyer for trinity properties said my client cannot simply endorse the disorganized and happen hazard do it yourself approach some tenants may wish. there are serious issues which must be considered including possible overloading of electrical circuits and panels, fire, and-or electric shock hazard. >> it's easy for an electrician to determine if it's save to do. >> that is bob hay, helping building owner as come date plug in cars. half residents are renters and the city goal is to have no
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gas-burning car autos for us to be successful we need to work with those building autos richard offered to hire an electrician to up grate grade circuits. this was the response. a cover welded over the socket. he is back at chrissy field and happy there are no other cars, happy for the view but wondering how long can he keep this up? >> i want to embrace this technology. i don't want to make a sacrifice of sitting there four and a half hours every day. i'm going to have to find a new job if it comes to that! >> and trinity management says building owners are planning to install charging facilities in new developments but for older buildings it's not so easy. there are grants to build charging stations and i will keep track of the city and report back. >> thank you. >> and let's turn our attention now to weather forecast as we hit weekend. temperatures are rising.
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>> yes. just in time for holiday coming up. there is 4th of juchl i think people like it hot this 4th of july. >> you're right. there is some warm weather. we're going to start out with drizzle, low clouds and fog never clearing the coastline but there are numbers into low to mid-60s, inland areas, sunshine like today there is 82 in antioch. oakland, richmond, low 70s, san jose, 77 degrees, 80 degrees in morgan hill. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooler than normal this weekend. temperatures do come up sunday, monday, tuesday there is a warming trend. 90 degrees inland by tuesday, mid-60s coastside. 4th of july, still warm and beautiful weather for independence day. we'll see patchy fog. >> awesome. >> and you're giving viewers a
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wake up call. >> isn't it nice? it's part of an larm app. listen to this. >> good morning, sunshine. >> that is new and part of a new abc 7 alarm clock app for iphone. open it up and the app loads all latest news, headlines, weather and traffic. the free abc 7 news app is available at app store. just search for abc 7 news san francisco alarms. >> this is very cool. and you're so -- . >> it's a great way to wake up. >> there is no one likes to hear alarms. >> awesome. thank you. >> and s
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coming up at 9:00 hope you can join me then. a monument to 20th century counter culture. >> this is more than expected. >> what the fuss is all about.
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>> then at 11:00 there is a color coded card restaurants will be able to display. reactions from restaurants is head on abc 7 news at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is a really fun time for giants. >> the giants will give up another run. >> and 1995 orioles through five shutouts and can match that this evening. giants riding a streak of 36 ininnings without allowing a run. this started with barry skpeeto on monday. and followed by brian -- ryan voguel ts song, last night, madison baumgartner with two. the giants say the streak is nice, but not important. this is about win autos there is so much confidence and a quality start. and we're not looking for that
6:55 pm
from any number of pitchers. >> to put four together like this is amazing. >> there is 24 hours after being upset on the center court, roger fedderer, and 29th seat jumped out to two sets to none lead on the champ turning point in the first game of the third set slipped and landed on his wrist. and he would take advantage and run away with fourth set tie breaker standing room only outside center court. watch reflexes here. there is a great safe. fedderer continues to battle. and beneto, forhand all set in
6:56 pm
the fifth set. there is san jose giving a top seed jokavich all he can handle. take a look at the fle.ibility there. >> and there is a final three sets, moving on to fourth round. the man famous for ally oop remembered today. there is playing in the nfl with niners klts and giants and is in the bay area sports hall of fame as well as 49ers. you don't think of golf as grueling chal yerng yempk this week it is and there is a sweltering day in maryland. tiger almost beat the heat with a putt on 16 and there is
6:57 pm
a tie for 10th. there is six under 656789 he's seven up, up by two strokes. >> all right. that is a wrap on sports. >> extent. thank you very much. >> this is a this edition of abc 7 news. hope to see you again at 9:00 and locke. >> have a good night. and from the team here, larry, sanda, spencer and carolyn, thanks for joining us. @ñ@ññ!ús
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